Saturday, March 05, 2011


Here's my Jude-Jude. He is the funnest person in the household. He talks non-stop and moves just the same. He loves doing exactly what his big brother does. He is very loving and compassionate. In the bottom left picture, Ethen is dressed as Batman and Judah is dressed up at Robin. Judah is just plain old silly...he loves to make us laugh. He loves starting each day with a piece of gum or candy (which happens only once in a while), but he still asks most every day anyway. He always brings his toys to each room he goes. He usually wants the same toys that Ethen plays with. His favorite things are usually what Ethen's favorite things are. He is a very pleasant boy. I am so proud of him. He is about to turn four. I can't believe that my little Memorial dad baby is just about to turn four. He wore out a couple pairs of jeans lately and we found a steal at the mall for $8 jeans, and man are they cute. They are skinny jeans. Ethen doesn't have the body for skinny jeans but my almost-four-year-old-boy does...the little cutie! I enjoy having 2 boys and seeing just how different they are.
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