Saturday, March 05, 2011


My big, big,, almost 6-year-old. He's been counting down the "sleeps" till his birthday. He is truly, one amazing boy. He loves to draw (and he's very good), play with Lego's, play video games, dress up into different characters, play in the back yard in the snow, and to cuddle his momma and daddy. He is so creative and he loves to play. He is so great about playing independently, whereas Judah needs interaction every few minutes...unless he's watching one of his shows of course. The top left picture is Ethen posing as Bruce Wayne. Right now his favorite is Batman.

Ethen is doing really well in school, at least according to me. Every day, the kids either receive a red dot or a green dot and he has only received a few red dots for his behavior, mostly talking to his little friends. His new favorite friend in class is a girl named Elsie. She is a little cutie, and a very nice girl. He has a couple of boys that he enjoys too but Elsie takes the cake. I ask Ethen every day what he'd like for snack and he tells me, "Not cheese, Mom. Elsie's allergic to cheese." And most every day, I reassure him I already know that and I still need to know what he does want. He is a very thoughtful boy. He is quite predictable and if left to his own, I think he'd do the same things, eat the same things, and play the same things at the same times every day. He loves his routine and he loves just being home. We talk about going to the mall, Chuck E. Cheese, the park....he just likes home better. And I love him for it. He is good for me. All my kids are good for me. They keep me honest, they keep me consistent, and they keep me guessing too. I am a better momma because of my Ethen-boy. He makes me very proud!
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