Thursday, August 09, 2007

We're Back

We've been here and there, but we are home now. We have been busy with the fair, our 5th Anniversary, Backyard BBQ's, the Duckworths puppies and visiting with friends. Here are some pictures that give you a glimpse of our past couple of weeks. :-)

Bazer...Garrisons new puppy! (1 of the 3 puppies of the Duckworths)

This is the McAtee's new puppy...they got the pick of the litter for the use of their 'stud'. His nickname so far is Mr. 'C' (for cute). He is the cutest facially to me.

Here's Garrison and Bazer...aren't they cute?! This was a gift to him from a family member and a total surprise to Garrison.

Judah in the car...even cuter than puppies!! He always sleeps in the car, but if he's not sleeping, this is usually his expression. Poor guy still has to ride rear facing, so all he sees is Ethen on his side and himself in the mirror. By the way, he's a totaly binky boy...we don't go anywhere without it...or else!

Ethen in the car...he's growing up fast!
He is getting so big and doing new things all the time. It's hard to believe that he was a little baby just 2 years ago. He is still totally into Superheroes...this is Batman, upside down in his hand. We usually take a toy in the car wherever we go. Otherwise we are talking to Ethen the whole time and Chris and I won't get in our own conversation. Ethen has a lot of energy and is quite busy.

Ethen taking on the fair by himself! Look out..

Piglets...a family favorite since I was a kid. This is the only picture that he was 'touching' the pigs. He loves to go see the animals, but is a little afraid to touch any of them. I guess he gets that from his mom.

The place we stayed for our 5th Anniversary weekend. August 3rd was the date and we stayed at our friends beach house in Oceanside, Oregon. It is a very nice townhome. It is very close to Tillamook, so of course, we went to get an ice cream cone and some squeaky cheese. Yum!! The traditional gift for the 5th anniversary is something wood....go figure?! So, I got the boys pictures taken at Flash again and they turned out phenominal!! (Go to, last name Webberley (obviously) and the password is 'boys'.)

And finally..Ire (our friend from PDX) and Aleeya. We have known her for about 6 or 7 years and she usually does the highlighting in our hair. She does mission trips with the cool is that?! She also models and does commercials for sporting goods. And...she loves Jesus. Yeah, she's cool like that!


jacquelyn said...

hey that sounds like a lot of fun! very cute little judah!
i was going to get your number from shekinah when i talked to her yesterday but i totally forgot and now they are on vacation. i would love to chat, but i am sure you dont want to leave your number on my website, so if you would like to email it to me that would work.

The Eddy's said...

cute pics, I love the one of Judah in the car seat...I'm a sucker for ears on baby's hats and hoodies. Hey, I finally updated my blog, check it out.

microspring said...

The puppies are sooo cute!!!!

mommarazzi said...

That is the cutest picture of Garrison and Bazer. My pictures of Garrison are either of him dashing away, his hand in front of his face, or an "I can't believe you are doing this to me again".